Simply call  Tel. 832 794 0587 for assistance or email us

We have our warehouse in Laredo Texas and you can order pellets or trucks.

Yes you can Trucks, but not pallets.

Simply call your sales representative and they’ll expedite courtesy samples to you free of charge! Or

place a sample request from our website!

Please notify your sales representative upon placing your order so arrangements can be made to deliver

your order within the parameters you define.

Please contact our VP of Procurement, Claudia Felix at 832 794 0537 and she’d be more than happy to

answer your questions! We always look forward to building more relationships!

Your first point of contact is your sales representative. Our company promises a single point of contact to

assure the highest level of service! However, if for some reason you are unable to locate your primary

contact – please call our: 832 794 0587 to speak with a team member.

Your sales representative will assist you in creating a back order OR directing you to the new

replacement product now in stock!

ABSOLUTELY! We offer the best prices and price options around. Just contact us for more information.

Complete label and nutrition facts are always available when you need them. Please contact your

Account Manager for more information.

For the best customer service, we offer a single point of contact who will expedite all your requests!

Please contact your sales representative directly – and if by chance they are unavailable – you may

contact our Accounting department at  281 419 4884 or email them.

First of all, please accept our apologies! Please contact your sales representative to communicate any

feedback so we can correct the problem immediately and provide excellent service for all future

shipments! It is our mission to find creative solutions and we stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Not at this time.